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Little girl Oliver
Vive Ste Anne Underwood
Postcard - Hot Time Oliver

Print Ads

Stoopnagle & Budd for Remie Scout
Battleship Maine Bar-Lock
Duplex: She is a Money-Maker
Remington Noiseless 8 ad
Corona ad, Popular Mechanics, Dec, 1934
American Typewriter Co.: The World is Divided in Two Parts
Woodstock Electrite: If You had to do it Yourself
Woodstock Electrite: 5 O'Clock and Ready to Go
Hammond Typewriter
Remington Noiseless Headache
Underwood Portable: Winged Words
The Popular Smith-Premier
Smith Premier 2 ad colorized
Smith Premier 2 ad colorized
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Except where noted, all manuals are in PDF format.

[1] Courtesy Peter Weil
[2] Courtesy Michael Clemens
[3] Courtesy Keith McBride
[4] Courtesy Charles Woodward
[5] Via Google Books
[6] Via

[7] Courtesy Steve Cook
[8] Courtesy Jud Durant
[x] Unknown. If you are the person who scanned this and would like credit or would prefer it be removed, please contact me.


Corona Speedline matchbook cover
Corona matchbook cover
Envelope Pack
Envelope Pack: 9 vintage envelope designs. Will print on most standard-size small envelopes. Great for role-playing props! (Not intended for actual mailing.) (1.5mb ZIP)

Evolution of the Typewriter, 1917 (external site)

Keys to Electri-conomy
Keys to Electri-conomy

(Remington-Rand electric typewriter promotional video.

Oliver 7 wallpaper
Oliver 7 desktop background (image courtesy Peter Weil)

1680x1050 Mac-oriented

Pitman's Gramophone Course of Typewriter Keyboard Instruction

MP3s from 78rpm records.

Remington Rhymes
Remington Rhymes of Typewriter Times childrens' book, 1929 (PDF)

Smith-Corona Changeable Type brochure
Smith-Corona Changeable Type brochure (PDF).

Smith-Corona Touch-Typewriting chart
Smith-Corona Touch-Typewriting chart

Telegram Pack
Telegram Pack: 14 blank, vintage telegram forms to print and use. Many come in full- and half-sheet sizes. Great for role-playing props! (7mb ZIP)

Tips to Typists, by Smith-Corona (external site, via Richard Polt)

Torpedo 18 brochure (PDF)

Touch Method Instructor for Remington Typewriters, 1936 (PDF)

Typefaces for Portable and Standard Olympia Typewriters

Typewriter Care
1950 Federal Work Improvement Program Equipment Maintenance Series #1 booklet, Typewriter Care (PDF).

Typewriter Topics, Oct, 1923
Commemorative issue of Typewriter Topics used as the basis for "A History of the Typewriter". Fair quality scan of a photocopy.

US Army Signal Corps Training Manual No.71: Typewriting for Military Specialists, 1923 (external site)

What Every Typist Should Know, published by Remington Rand, 1934 (PDF)


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