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Master Index

Looking for something specific? Here you will find a complete, cross-referenced listing of all the typewriters to be found on this site, with links.

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Adler Favorit 2
Adler J4
Adler J5
Adler Primus
Adler Tippa S
Adler Universal
Bing #2
Brother 750 (see K-Mart DeLuxe 12)
Brother DeLuxe
Brother Opus 889
Caligraph #2
Caligraph #4
Commodore Educator
Corona #3
Corona Comet DeLuxe
Corona Four
Corona Four (blue)
Corona Four Improved
Corona Junior
Corona Junior, Model S
Corona Silent (1940, Speedline, Tan)
Corona Standard (1935, Flattop)
Corona Sterling (1936, Flattop, Burgundy)
Corona Sterling (1940, Speedline, Burgundy)
DeJur-Triumph Perfekt (see Triumph-DeJur Perfekt)
Deutsche Remington
Everest K3
Facit TP2
Fox No.5
Fox No.23
Groma Model N - NEW
Harris Visible #4 (see Harry A. Smith #6)
Harry A. Smith #6 (rebadged Harris Visible #4)
Hermes 9 - NEW
Hermes 2000
Hermes 3000 (1961 streamlined model)
Hermes 3000 (1967 boxy model)
Hermes Rocket
IBM Model 01 - NEW
Imperial Good Companion
J.C. Penny (unlabeled electric, rebadged Smith-Corona Electra)
K-Mart 300 DeLuxe 12 (rebadged Brother 750)
Keaton Music Typewriter
L.C. Smith #5
L.C. Smith & Corona #8
L.C. Smith & Corona Super-Speed
L.C. Smith & Corona Super-Speed Silent
Montana (see Viking)
Montgomery Ward Escort 55 (rebadged Olivetti Lettera 32)
Oliver No.3
Oliver No.5
Oliver No.9
Oliver No.11 - NEW
Olivetti-Underwood 21
Olivetti-Underwood 319 (see Underwood 319)
Olivetti Lettera 22 (see Tower Chieftain)
Olivetti Lettera 32 (see Montgomery Ward Escort 55)
Olivetti Praxis 48
Olivetti Studio 42
Olivetti-Underwood Studio 44
Olivetti-Underwood Studio 45
Olivetti Valentine
Olympia SF
Olympia SG-1 (green) - NEW
Olympia SG-1 (grey)
Olympia SG-3 - NEW
Olympia SM3 "DeLuxe"
Olympia SM4
Olympia SM5
Olympia SM9
Olympia SM9 "DeLuxe"
Olympia Socialite
Optima P1
Penncrest Caravelle 10 (rebadged Smith-Corona)
Penncrest Concord 10 (rebadged Smith-Corona 5TE)
Penncrest Concord 10 (rebadged Smith-Corona Coronet)
Remington-Rand Cadet
Remington-Rand DeLuxe #5
Remington-Rand Monarch Pioneer (3.5 bank model)
Remington-Rand Seventeen
Remington-Rand Torpedo 18
Remington 9 (Noiseless 8 twin)
Remington 24
Remington Compact
Remington Holiday
Remington Junior (3-bank)
Remington Letter-Riter
Remington Model 1
Remington Monarch (Remie Scout model)
Remington Monarch Pioneer (caps-only Remie Scout model)
Remington Noiseless #6
Remington Noiseless 7
Remington Noiseless 8
Remington Noiseless #10
Remington Portable #1
Remington Portable #2 ( Butler Brothers edition)
Remington Quiet-Riter
Remington Remette
Remington Remie Scout (caps-only model)
Remington Remie Scout (lowercase key variant)
Remington Remie Scout
Remington Standard No.6
Remington Standard No.7
Remington Standard #12
Remington Super Riter
Royal (unlabeled Futura variant)
Royal #10 (2-window version)
Royal #10 (single window)
Royal #10 (14" platen)
Royal Aristocrat
Royal Arrow
Royal Companion (1930s model)
Royal Companion (1950s model)
Royal Custom
Royal Dart
Royal DeLuxe
Royal Eldorado
Royal Empress
Royal Fleetwood
Royal FP
Royal Futura 800
Royal Heritage
Royal HH
Royal Junior (Signet body)
Royal Junior (sloped body)
Royal Junior (squared body)
Royal KHM
Royal KMM
Royal Mercury
Royal Portable
Royal Portable Standard ( "Model O")
Royal Quiet DeLuxe (1948)
Royal Quiet DeLuxe (1950)
Royal Quiet DeLuxe (1953)
Royal Royalite (1965 model)
Royal Sabre
Royal Safari (original model)
Royal Signet (1932 model)
Royal Signet Senior
Royal Standard No.5
Sears Citation 12 (rebadged Smith-Corona)
Sears Tutor (rebadged Smith-Corona Skyriter)
Seidel & Naumann Erika #3
Seidel & Naumann Erika #5
Smith-Corona Classic 12
Smith-Corona Classic 12 (Greek 1-bank)
Smith-Corona Clipper (1948, Speedline)
Smith-Corona Coronet Electric (see Penncrest Concord 10)
Smith-Corona Deville DeLuxe
Smith-Corona Electra 110
Smith-Corona Electric (1961, 5TE)
Smith-Corona Galaxie DeLuxe
Smith-Corona Galaxie Twelve
Smith-Corona Skyriter, 1st model
Smith-Corona Skyriter, 2nd model (see Tower Chieftain II)
Smith-Corona Skyriter, 5th model (see Sears Tutor)
Smith-Corona Silent (1946, Speedline)
Smith-Corona Silent (1953, Super-5)
Smith-Corona Silent-Super
Smith-Corona Sterling (1931, sterling silver)
Smith-Corona Sterling (1932, Flattop, Green)
Smith-Corona Sterling (1933, Flattop, Burgundy)
Smith-Corona Sterling (1950, Super-5)
Smith-Corona Sterling (1956, Super-5, Diamond Dust)
Smith-Corona Sterling (1959, Super-5, Seafoam Green)
Smith-Corona Sterling (1963, Super-5, Blue)
Smith-Corona Sterling (1970s)
Smith-Corona Super
Smith-Corona Super G
Smith-Corona Model 88
Smith-Corona Super-Speed (1948)
Smith-Corona Super Sterling
Smith Premier No.1
Smith Premier No.2
Stenotype Master Model 4
Tom Thumb
Torpedo 17 (see Deutsch Remington)
Torpedo 18 (see Remington-Rand Torpedo 18)
Tower Challenger (Smith-Corona Clipper rebadge)
Tower Chieftain (Olivetti Lettera 22 rebadge)
Tower Chieftain II (Smith-Corona Skyriter rebadge)
Triumph Norm 6
Triumph-DeJur Perfekt
Underwood #3 (26" platen)
Underwood #5
Underwood 319
Underwood Champion
Underwood De Luxe Quiet Tab (Cream)
Underwood De Luxe Quiet Tab (Green)
Underwood Finger-Flite Champion
Underwood Junior
Underwood Leader (1940s model)
Underwood Leader (1956 model)
Underwood Leader (1959 model)
Underwood Noiseless Portable
Underwood Portable
Underwood "Rhythm Touch"
Underwood Standard Portable (3-bank)
Underwood Universal (1958 model)
Viking (Montana rebadge) - NEW
Voss DeLuxe
Wanderer-Werke Continental (1947, portable)
Woodstock No. 4


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