Refrigerator poem 9
climb the stream
question the mountain
dance the clouds
never speak the poet's words


Curled in my arms
like one of the cats:
small but solid,
warily trusting,
for the moment at peace.

Something in her eyes.
Something in her eyes
says, "Love me."

Art and the Gods

When the gods created you,
they made your eyes of the sun that glints
through the morning dew;
The silken texture of rose petals
they borrowed for your skin;
Into your mind they put the imagination and art
of nature's most creative design,
the morning frost: which scrawls poetic patterns
on windows, and creates sculpture on trees
from the nothingness of the air itself;
Your heart was fed with the passion and intensity
of prairie wildfire.

The Gashlycrumb Limerick

Amy had such fine and long hair
that it tripped her atop of the stairs.
 Her death, it's true, was quite sad
 but compared to her brother's, not bad,
for Basil was assaulted by bears.



Haiku: Refrigerator Poem 3

symphony of rain
licking softly at the drive
with tiny tongues

Each bullet hole
in the wall
contains a soul

Well, you '60s child,
I've got something for you.
I've got a bottle of brandy
tucked inside this long-tailed coat,
shining in its amber depths,
ready to warm your soul.
In the haze of memory,
we'll assemble the past,
& forget where we are

Haiku: Dover Beach II

Dover's cliffs of chalk
boil away as smoky fizz
in the acid rain.

Haiku X

Twisted, gnarled branches,
trees flowing upward like smoke
by the garden path.

Haiku: Seachimes

Shells strung on a line
pull out of a summer breeze
the songs of seachimes

Haiku 16

Like walking on sand,
the softest of grass is that
which grows upon graves.

Haiku IV

I climbed a tree, and
after I had climbed the tree,
I tried to move it.

Haiku V

Swift waters can't be
controlled; don't push the river--
 it flows on its own.

Haiku VI

My destination
is like gathering storm clouds:
swirling with the winds

Refrigerator poem 5

blue and white
moonlight shadows
fall over me
as I sleep
beneath the lake

Alternate version:

dream away an eternity
embraced by blue twilight
deep beneath the ocean

Refrigerator poem 8

bad girl
poisoned the coffee
liquid death

pray the moon to take my soul