[Ok, this one is admittedly wierd (but not as wierd as a couple of others in here!). It's sort of the X-Files meets Mother Goose...]

Humpty Dumpty's Sad Demise

Humpty Dumpty sang on "The Wall"
With John, George, Ringo, and Paul.
But the CIA and FBI
Rubbed that Humpty out, poor guy!
His speech was subversive, his thoughts were obscene;
Our children would never stay healthy and clean!
So they came in their shades, wingtips and suits
And made H. Dumpty go "ker-sploot!"
They cleaned up the mess, the washed off the walk,
And when came the press, they started to balk.
"It's all a matter, can't you see,
of protecting our National Security.
We won't say nothin'. You can't make us talk.
So kindly ignore that outline in chalk."
But one man persisted, and finally broke through,
And discovered the feds had conned me and you.
He found out who all had committed the crime:
Half of the government should be doing time!
But he disappeared. They took him away
and put him somewhere cold, dark and grey.
Lobotomized now, he stares into space,
And leaves us the ones with yolk on our face.

-- © 1992, W.A. Seaver.