Custer County, NE, Homestead Records

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  • Title Custer County, NE, Homestead Records 
    Short Title Custer County Homestead Records 
    Source ID S16 
    Text last first sec tp range sale date action patent vol. page
    Love ArabellaJ 22 18 18W 10-4--83 v167 p 101 6-91 101 122
    Love Laura 26 18 18W 6-2-84 6-91 167 103 

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    Map: Douglas Grove Township, 1885
    Map: Douglas Grove Township, 1885
    From a larger map of Custer County in the David Rumsey collection. Hover the mouse over different areas to see tracts owned by individuals in this genealogy (most are underneath the word "Grove"). Click the name to go to that person's page.