Gusta Fern Bilyeu

Female 1908 - 1980  (71 years)


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William Clay Bilyeu Clarence Washington Bilyeu Lillie Florence Bilyeu Charles Clifford Bilyeu Gusta Fern Bilyeu

The five oldest children of George C Bilyeu

Clay & Clifford in the back row, Clarence, Lillie, & Agusta in the front. (The back of this photo is the only place I've ever seen Gusta Bilyeu's name spelled "Agusta". There is one instance in a Bilyeu family Bible where it was originally written "Agusta" and the "A" erased and a capital "G" written over the top in diff pen.)

File nameBilyeu - five oldest.jpg
File Size143.25k
Dimensions527 x 585
Caption5 oldest children of George C Bilyeu: Clay, Clifford, Clarence, Lillie, Agusta
Linked toFamily: Bilyeu/Jones (F035); Charles Clifford Bilyeu; Clarence Washington Bilyeu; Gusta Fern Bilyeu; Lillie Florence Bilyeu; William Clay Bilyeu

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