Sunday Supplement: Le Chercheurs

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“All I know is that when we do find this geocache, it had better not be a stinkin’ keychain!”

Sunday Supplement: Cœur D’or dans la Mer d’un Bleu Profond

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“Here I am, brain the size of a planet, and they ask me to hold the lamp.”

Ding-Dong, bin Ladin’s Dead

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Sunday Supplement: Le Joker Pratique

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Few villagers were amused by Akhbar’s gag hookah.

11 1/2 Minutes of Fame

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This past week, I was featured in the local PBS series “Off 90“, which showcases various human-interest stories from along southern Minnesota’s I-90 corridor. The segment was filmed last summer but due to uninteresting reasons the airing was delayed until now. The episode has now been posted to YouTube, so anyone who is masochistic enough to do so may watch me awkwardly babble on about typewriters.

My segment begins at about the 10:35 mark, following the Frozen River Film Festival (which is worth a watch itself).