Lost Holiday: “Our best to Victoria and the lizards.”

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A while back, I received this totally random postcard in the mail. We frequently get mail intended for our neighbors–mostly bills, catalogs, and ads for life insurance–but I must say, as misdirected mail goes this one was quite entertaining. It’s addressed to me (as “W.A.”) and addressed properly except for one digit of the zip code, but it was clearly meant for someone named Albert. The back is labeled “Trolls of Norway” and it was postmarked in Oakland, CA. I unsuccessfully tried to track down this Albert Seaver, then put the postcard away and forgot about it until now.

The Trolls of Norway

Albert – Spotted these fine fellows by the roadside and was reminded of you and your brothers. Surely the resemblance is uncanny! Our best to Victoria and the lizards. We await the unveiling of your portrait at the Hudson. “Modern Art, harumph!” indeed! Keep basking – John & Martha & Ted & Alice

Welcome to the Denialdome

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Anytime I hear anything by Frankie Goes to Hollywood, I think of a guy I went to school with who idolized the band. He liked to dress like the lead singer, scarf, little round sunglasses, the works. I remember he also had a “Frankie says RELAX!” t-shirt. We tried to tell him that they were all gay–I mean, what do you think those lyrics mean?– but he refused to believe it. “They are not!” he would retort hotly.

I wonder if he ever found the dangling light bulb cord, pulled it, and discovered himself to be in the closet?

Review: Adler Universal

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Sent from my 1961 Adler Universal.

We’ve Seen this Place Before

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