Big Blot on Broadway

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I sort of wish I still had up my old Stop Defacing Rochester! blog, because I would certainly be blowing digital raspberries at this sacrilege.

Clearly, the people behind Big Brad’s on Broadway (not to be confused with any of the other nonexistent Big Brad’s locations) put zero consideration into the grand, historic 110-year-old building that for over a century housed the Paine Furniture store.

Big Brad's on Broadway

Big Brad's on Broadway

The cheap brick fa├žade, tiny rectangular window, and cartoonish handpainted sign make it look less like an upscale bar and more like the kind of place that you would want to slip into unobserved.

I’m sure neon beer signs galore can be expected to emanate their gaudy countenance upon what remains of a once proud building.

Intrinsic Value

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Typecast 8/1/2010

Typed on a 1940 Corona Sterling.