Chasing a ghost of the prairie

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I’ve started something kind of different. I began to write about this ongoing historical quest I’ve been on for over two decades now. It quickly became apparent that to tell the story was going to take more than one blog post–or a few. In fact, the project turned out to be so deep and layered that I ended up forming a whole new blog just to tell it in. The first post is up. It’s also my first attempt at a pencast; I hope my scratching isn’t too difficult to read.

As it’s a new blog and I realize that registering to comment on my site is kind of a PITA, if you want to leave your comments here instead, you may. I really had no time to configure the site other than basic setup and formatting.

A Fox No.5 found, or, Hey, Jude

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Good news! I finally found a Fox upstrike!

Bad news. It’s being sold by a keychopper, and he’s already pulled off its keys.

Good news! The keychopper will throw in the whole typewriter for the cost of the keys!

Bad news. The typewriter is a disaster.

Worse news. There’s a wasps’ nest inside it.

Could-be-worse news. The wasps are all dead.

Who was the patron saint of hopeless causes again?