Saintly Writing Aids

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Typewriter: Tippi, a 1970s Adler Tippa S

Can You Hear Me Now?

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Kil-Klatter 3000

Typewriter: 1916 Oliver #9

The stealth carrying case

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I had a problem: the typewriter that I want to use for NaNoWriMo has no carrying case. Well, it has a bottom, but the top is long gone. It also doesn’t fit into any of my other typewriters’ carrying cases. What to do?

It failed to fit into any of the laptop bags at my disposal ( Dell Latitude and Toshiba T1100 bags came close, but the zipper wouldn’t quite close). Besides, as a rule, I don’t care for toting around a bag that advertises that I have something expensive and worth stealing inside. I usually carry my laptop in a hippie backpack.

Then I spotted the Nightmare Before Christmas messenger bag that I bought at a garage sale a couple of years ago. I originally thought it would be funny to use as a diaper bag for our impending child, but the person bearing the child who has veto power over most child-rearing decisions disagreed. I slid the typewriter inside. Perfect fit! However, what had appealed to me about the laptop bags–substantial padding–was totally lacking. Modifications would have to be made.

Long story short, I give you the Nightmare Before Christmas typewriter/laptop carrying case!
Stealth typewriter/laptop bag

It’s a hybrid between the original cheapo student messenger bag and an actual laptop bag. The inside is lined sides and bottom with the removable inner padding from a laptop bag. I added the additional shoulder strap because a) I wanted a padded strap, and b) it enabled me to cinch up the original shoulder strap and use it as a handle to make it easier to pick up, put in and take out of the car, etc.

Here it is opened up:
Stealth typewriter/laptop bag
The padded side panel from underneath the typewriter slides out and, upside-down, becomes the perfect typing pad. Between it and the new rubber feet I gave the typer*, there is no vibration or “creep” whatsoever while typing.

The only drawback is lack of additional storage. I can carry a couple of pens, an iPod, a small notebook, and that’s about it. A file folder with some paper can slide underneath the inner side panel. But this should get me by for November!

* B322 rubber bushings from Ace Hardware

Keychopper alert

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Attention, Minnesotans: The Haupt Antiek Market of Apple Valley, in addition to committing crimes against spelling, sell keychopped jewelry. Do not patronize them.