Happy 250th, Wolfgang!

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W.A. Mozart
Jan 27, 1756 Dec 5, 1791

My philosophy

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My philosophy
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“Your face is a-peeling.”

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dr phibes Ever have one of those days when you feel like your face is about to shed its skin like a snake, leaving one huge dessicated skin flake in the shape of a distorted visage of yourself crumbled on the floor?

Yeah, it’s like that today.

Between You and Me

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Probably new only to me, but this has got to be one of the coolest things I’ve laid eyes on. Patryk Rebisz created a short film called Between You and Me using a Canon 20D DSLR camera in burst mode. Just shows that any sufficiently inspired and creative artist doesn’t need any of the so-called essential tools in order to bring their vision to fruition. My faith in art and the movies is temporarily restored. One is also reminded of the fact that The Corpse Bride was also shot using Canon DSLRs

Some people put this in their mouth

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Some people put this in their mouth
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My first thought was, “That’s not a food item; that’s a medical condition.” It’s worth noting that the Spotted Dick is right beside the Tripe, and that the two cans are virtually indistinguishable.

Spotted Dick, as it turns out, is a pudding desert that is somewhat popular in the UK, though its name has occasionally caused embarrassment.

I’m still not gonna eat it.


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Walking to work this morning
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After spending so much time in the dark, it’s nice to see light again.

Winter is hard. It’s even harder if you’re one of the thousands, maybe millions, of people who have SAD. (What a cute name for a form of depression, eh?)

For six months out of the year, we live like vampires: going to work when it’s dark, spending the daylight hours in windowless offices, then returning home in the dark. Weekends are the only time we see the sun, and we spend most of that time either asleep or crashed on the couch because we can’t motivate ourselves to do anything.

I get by with a set of 5500k daylight-replicating tubes in the light fixture at work, and a bunch of vitamins. Massive doses of B12. Sometimes I venture into the night with my camera and try to find some color. Sometimes I just shoot something that visually echoes my mood. Finding a way to make the darkness give something to you helps a lot.

Still, it’s nice to step outside in the morning and see the underbellies of the clouds aflame with the rising sun.