Quote of the day:

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“The whole thing felt a little like Burning Man with more money and fewer naked hippies.”
–NPR reporter Xeni Jardin, on the atmosphere at yesterday’s SpaceShip One flight.

Watch Mt St Helens go kaboom (again) (maybe). (Thanks, Hek.)

The parallax view

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The web site Propoganda Matrix has posted a 1939 speech by Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s Minister of Propoganda.

Much thanks to Tomato, who knows the implications better than I, for bringing this to my attention.

Quote of the day:

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“How can you be so serious on a film where you are dodging explosions and running away with Sir Alec Guinness on this side and an eight-foot monkey on this side, and the eight-foot monkey is the one flying the spaceship?”
–Mark Hamill, on Star Wars fans who nitpick detail.

Israel: America’s new pawn in the “war on terror”

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–What is the United States doing to put an end to the self-feeding cycle of terrorism between Israel and Palestine? Why, selling Israel five-hundred so-called “bunker-buster” bombs. One wonders how Israel plans to utilize ground- and concrete-penetrating against pedestrian suicide bombers.

Hmm. It wouldn’t have anything to do with the recent news that Iran is reactivating its nuclear weapons program, would it? Israel practically invented the pre-emptive strike. Back in the early ’80s, they tried to blow up one of Iraq’s fledging nuclear facilities. And in an ominous foreshadowing of their new weapons purchase, this article from last month describes how Israel has set its sights on Iran now that Iraq is out of the way.

Fly the friendly skies!

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–Soon, Cat Stevens may not be the only person who needs to worry about being flagged as a potential terrorist. The government has ordered airlines to begin handing over their passenger information so that testing may begin on a new terrorist-screening system. The new system, called Secure Flight, replaces CAPPS II, which imploded under the weight of “mission creep”. Critics say that there is little difference between Secure Flight and CAPPS, other than the new system no longer screens for outstanding non-terrorism-related warrents. The new system will attempt to verify passengers’ identities by comparing airline-provided data with that found in commercial databases (your bank, phone company, mortage company, your grocery store if you use one of those little bar-coded “savings” cards, etc.).

–The projectionist at the Towers screening room would like us to bring to your attention the passing of camp-film legend Russ Meyer. Meyer, 82, directed the trash-classics Beyond the Valley of the Dolls, Beneath the Valley of the Ultra-Vixens, Super-Vixens, and Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! All of his films featured freakishly-busty women and deviant behavior. In this reporter’s opinion, Meyer deserves credit as the stylistic predecessor of and inspiration for today’s camp-film patriarch John Waters.

Get your bags together…

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…go bring your good friends too
“WASHINGTON (AP) – A London-to-Washington flight was diverted to Maine on Tuesday when it was discovered passenger Yusuf Islam – formerly known as singer Cat Stevens – was on a government watch list and barred from entering the country, federal officials said.”

A few things here:
If he was on a “watch list” why was he allowed on the plane to start with?
What are the reasons for having him on the list?
Where is Rumsfeld? I want a press conference, with him touting this as a major terrorist apprehension. This could win them the election, if they play their cards right.

The Rocketeer

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A motorcyclist was clocked doing 205mph on MN highway 61, near Wabasha. The biker was spotted by a police aircraft, which notified highway patrol. The biker was cited for speeding 140mph over the posted 65mph limit. The citation may be a Minnesota record. Kind of makes you wonder how much he’s going to be fined. The article doesn’t say, but I believe that 20+mph over the limit is an automatic trip to jail.

The best part? The kid is the son of a sheriff’s deputy. Think Dad’s gonna bail him out? Me, neither.

Ironically, the incident comes to light only a day after the St. Paul Pioneer Press published an article about the rising number of people caught doing 100mph or more on the state’s highways.

Use this Bugmenot link if the above link bugs you for a logon.

The Fall

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Mowing the lawn yesterday, I thought how odd it felt to be mulching fallen red, gold, and brown leaves when it was in the 80s. Then I realized that September is more than halfway over, and fall is indeed upon us. I remember Septembers when we already had snow by now.

I love the smell of ground-up dried leaves. It makes me want to take long barefoot hikes in the woods, the cool earth blanketed with crisp leaves that crunch underfoot. The best walks are in the fall, when it’s just cool enough to need a light jacket. The bugs are mostly gone, and the wildlife is out on their final forages before winter. The flowers of spring and summer have turned to dried seeds, some strange and alien in their design. (I have a small collection of unusual seeds I’ve picked up on my walks.) The air has the scent of life reversing, of vegetation feeding the earth in preparation for the spring metamorphasis. The earth becomes alive and overflows its energy into me through my feet.

The smell of autumn also gives me the urge to put my Halloween decorations up. I really wish I could afford some of the goodies for sale here. Namely the $8,500 attack alligator.

There is a company–I forget what it’s called–that sells full-size replicas of movie monsters cast from the original molds. Among other things, you can get a 8′ alien (or a 12′ alien queen). I always wanted to get the alien and hide it up in the tree that stands in direct line with my front door, across the sidewalk. I would have it connected to a series of lines and pulleys, so when the kids were at my door I could tug on a cord and have it silently drop down behind them. Yes, I’m evil, and loving every minute of it.

Those memos, cntd

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–Hello, all. I’m in the process of trying to track down confirmation (that is, actual articles) of things I’m hearing on the net. As has now come to light, CBS obtained the spurious documents through disgruntled former National Guardsman Bill Burkett. Hints are being dropped that Burkett was deliberately funneled bogus documents through Bush viper Karl Rove’s office. If true, it would not be the first time Rove has attempted such political slight-of-hand to discredit an opponent. During the 1986 Texas gubanatorial race, Rove claimed that his office had been bugged. Supposedly, the FBI found that the bugging device had a battery lifespan of only 10 hours, and privately concluded that Rove had bugged the office himself (this is another point which I’m trying to verify). I would not be at all surprised to learn that Rove channeled obviously fake documents to Burkett with the expectation that their unveracity would be revealed, thus discrediting the democrats. Can’t say whether the rest of the White House was in on the plan, but I find it interesting that they withheld comment on the memos until they had been widely exposed as frauds, which means that Bush thought that there was a chance they might be real. That tells me that while the memos themselves may not be authentic, their contents deriding Bush’s actions probably are.

–Meanwhile, photographer Eddie Adams has died at the age of 71. Adams is perhaps best known for capturing the moment South Vietnamese Lt. Col. Nguyen Ngoc Loan executed a Viet Cong prisoner on the street.

Dude! Where’s my vote!

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Stop me if you’ve heard this one before…I just saw this and had to share.

I’m so torn this year between wanting to vote and do my part…and being reasonably sure that it won’t make a damn bit of difference whether I vote or not. Things like this are part of the reason for that feeling of helplessness.

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